The Sperm and Embryo Bank of New Jersey, Inc
   Cryopreservation services for Sperm, Embryos & Eggs for future transplant

SEBNJ Mission

SEBNJ provides the cryopreservation of Reproductive Cells & Tissue for men and women during their reproductive years as an alternative to protect his or her reproductive capabilities by cryopreserving (freezing) their reproductive cell(s) & tissue, such as sperm, testicular tissue, ovarian tissue and oocytes (eggs) for future Assisted Reproductive procedures.

SEBNJ offers short term and long term storage at competitive fees for Embryo, Oocytes and sperm.

SEBNJ offers Directed/Designated Donor screening services to individuals and couples seeking to achieve Assisted Reproduction while choosing their own Directed/Designated Donor.
A Directed/Designated Donor is an individual (such as a friend, a family relative etc.) that is not sexually intimate with the ultimate Recipient undergoing Assisted Reproduction.

SEBNJ offers Worldwide Transport/Transfer of Embryo(s), Sperm samples, as well as, Non Reproductive Cell(s) & Tissue.

An all inclusive "Door to Door" cost-effective service is available for safe, efficient transport and transfer.

Our quality assurred "Biological Shippers" are available for daily rental by individuals who would like to contain cost using the "Do it Youself" option for the safe transport between Medical Facilities. 

The Sperm & Embryo Bank of New Jersey, Inc. (SEBNJ) established in 1989, is a commercial, independent and privately owned Reproductive Cell & Tissue Bank located in New Jersey.

SEBNJ respects the current medical standards and ethics set forth by the:

American Society for Reproductive Medicine (ASRM)
American Society of Andrology (ASA)
The American Association of Tissue Banks (AATB)
The American Urological Association (AUA)
and all other related scientific associations and regulatory government agencies that may impact Reproductive Cell and Tissue Banking.

 SEBNJ is FDA Registered

SEBNJ is licensed by
The New Jersey State Department of Health as a Laboratory under CLIA
The New York State Department of Health as a Reproductive Cell & Tissue Bank

Notice:  The content of this informational site for SEBNJ is subject to changes and modifications from time to time to meet the requirements of various scientific and regulatory agencies.

For up to date information or to arrange for a personal appointment you may contact one of our
Client Service Coordinators at:

800-637-7776 or 908-232-6844

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