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   Cryopreservation services for Sperm, Embryos & Eggs for future transplant

Insurance Coverage

Your right to obtain the best and most appropriate form of medical care should not be limited
by your health insurance coverage.

SEBNJ has been dedicated to provide the highest level of care possible to provide Reproductive Cell & Tissue Banking services to all Clients requiring to cryostore their, Sperm, Testicular Tissue, Epididymal Sperm Aspirate, Embryo(s), Ovarian Tissue and Oocytes (eggs).

SEBNJ does not participate, currently, with any insurance plans for cryopreservation and/or
cryostorage services. Clients are responsible to complete and submit claim forms directly to their insurance carrier for eligible reimbursement.

The insurance industry has designated a CPT code (common provider term) for the processing of Reproductive Cells & Tissue, cryopreservation and cryostorage.

The extent of coverage and reimbursement varies from carrier to carrier and from plan to plan. Clients should contact their plan Administrator or Insurance Provider to verify the extent of their insurance plan coverage. If you have any questions, or would like to discuss our services as they relate to your personal healthcare coverage plan further, please do not hesitate to contact our Client Service Coordinators so that we may attempt to guide you.

We recommend that you have your specialized care physician provide you with either a letter and/or prescription recommending that you cryopreserve (freeze) and cryostore your reproductive cells & tissue for future use prior to chemotherapy, radiation, surgery, and/or immunosuppressive drugs.

Your specialized care physician should provide you with the appropriate “Diagnostic Code" as it relates to your diagnosis and treatment. The "Diagnostic Code" is important when completing insurance related documents for reimbursement.

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