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The "Total Access ID" ™ (T.A.ID) Donor program:


The "Total Access ID" ™ (T.A.ID) Donor program allows for the Client(s)/Recipient(s), her spouse/partner, and the Donor to meet and have access to each other from the onset of the process and eventually to the future child or children.  


¤ The Client(s)/Recipient(s) will have access to:

The Donor’s Personal and Family Medical History,

The Donor’s Life Style Assessment,
The Donor’s Medical Laboratory test results,

A Donor’s recent adult picture,

¤ The Donor’s identity is revealed to the Client(s)/Recipient(s) during a “FACE TO FACE” meeting, whenever
geographically feasible, and eventually to the child or children as elected by the Client(s)/Recipient(s)
parent(s) within the Agreement and  terms of a “Recipient –Donor Agreement”.                                       
The terms of the “Recipient –Donor Agreement” to be developed jointly between the Client(s)/Recipient(s),
and her spouse/partner (if any) and the Donor.

The “Recipient-Donor Agreement” shall be completly separate and independent of any other agreements.

Legal counsel assistance is available to facilitate the process.
All legal fees for the “Recipient- Donor Agreement” will be the sole responsibility of the Client(s)/Recipient(s) and her spouse/partner (if any).

¤ The T.A.ID Donor shall not be presumed to be the legal father of any child or children born as a result of Assisted Reproduction. This means that the Donor shall not be made liable for issues related to child support, inheritance, parental and custodial rights etc.....
Statutory laws governing custodial and parental rights to child or children by the birth mother

and her partner using Donor sperm may vary from State to State.

¤T.A.ID Donor” cryopreserved inventory is limited to FIVE (5) Client(s)/Recipient(s) that have reported successful live births Worldwide per Donor.

BioGenetics corporation will reserve the right to limit the distrubution and/or the number of individual Client(s)/Recipient(s) requesting T.A.ID sperm Donor cryopreserved inventoried vials, based on the individual country’s Assisted Reproductive Regulations.

Donors will receive $500.00 for each visit to help defray travel relateded expenses, ONLY upon the selection of the Donor by an individual Client(s)/Recipient(s).
Donors MUST agree to a minimum contract of twelve (12) months.
Additional program requirements apply.


The “ACCESS DONOR™” is a trademark and property of Biogenetics Corporation, USA, all rights reserved.   

The “TOTAL ACCESS ID DONOR™” is a trademark and property of Biogenetics Corporation, USA, all rights reserved.   


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